Our specialty


The popularity of mussels in Belgian food culture is not to be underestimated. In Belgium, mussels are eaten all over the country and served in a variety of ways.

Much of the Belgian cuisine has a strong influence of France and therefore seafood, such as mussels, is quite central to the Belgian cuisine too.

Belgobaren is often associated with moules fries, something that has become a real specialty of our and always appreciated by our guests. At Belgobaren we serve many delicious varieties of mussels.

Organic, healthy delicacy

Our mussels are cultivated and harvested at Swedish west coast, where the conditions are perfect for growing mussels.

The water on the west coast is nutritious with a prefect balance of salt, which give our mussels a taste that tops most of the mussels from other parts of the world. Our mussels are grown completely without additives, and are actually one of the world's most environmentally friendly delicacies!

Straight from the west coast

The mussels we serve come from Scanfjord, Sweden's largest supplier of cultivated mussels. The cultivation is entirely natural - the mussles hang in the water collecting nutrients.

Because the mussels are grown in this way, they never come into contact with the seabed. Therefore there is never a grain of sand in the mussels and because all mussels are grown for the same time, they're all the same size. KRAV-certified mussel plants also make great environmental benefit because the mussels that grow on ropes in the sea bind nitrogen and reduce eutrophication.

Blue mussels are also protein rich, low fat and additionally rich in omega 3.

Mussel Menu