To Belgobaren

We're a restaurant in central Stockholm that loves Belgium. Our ambition is to bring Belgium and it's food culture a little closer to Stockholm.

We do this with food inspired by Belgian food culture, by serving hundreds of Belgian beers and arrange activities related to Belgium.

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Belgian beer

Belgian beer culture stands in a class for itself, and the sheer amount of different styles can be overwhelming . Read more about why we love Belgian beer.

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Our menus

See our menus for lunch, dinner and groups. You'll also find our mussel menu and occasional special menus created for special events and visits by guest chefs.

Our menus


Mussels are often associated with Belgium and is one of our specialties. We serve them according to Belgian tradition with fries and mayonnaise.

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Our specialty

Moules Frites

Our Moules Frites leaves noone disappointed. We cook organic mussels in different flavors and serve them with fresh fries and mayonnaise accordind to Belgian traditions. Read more about this specialty of ours and see our large mussel menu with available flavors.

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