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Wanting to learn more about the things you like is a natural trait. We love to share our knowledge about beer. Come on a beer sampling course where we tell you more.

We welcome you on a journey of hops, malt and flavourings that only the Belgian breweries can accomplish. At Belgobaren you can find everything from trappist beers and classic belgian ales to beers flavoured with cherry. Choosing a beer sampling course is a great way of finding one's favourite beer. We will guide you through the flavours, the brewing and the history of this culture that goes back hundreds of years.

Beer plank

Our popular beer plank is a great start - you will get to sample 5 beers and the staff gives you a short introduction to the different beers. Read more below.

Beer sampling course

For groups of 10 or more people, we offer an interesting, inspirational and fun introduction to the world of Belgian beer. We will sample at least 5 different beers and tell you about the history, the brewing and the flavouring that separates the different brews. This is an introductionary course that suits the curious beginner as well as the expert that wants to learn more.

The course takes about 1,5 hours and takes place when it suits you.


10-25 people - 375:-/person
More than 25 people - 325:-/pers

Contact us for more info and booking!

Beer plank

With our beer sampling plank you get to taste 5 different Belgian beers of various character. The staff gives a short introduction to each brew where you will learn the difference of the beers and what makes them unique.

The beer plank is served at the bar or at your table.

Total 50 cl

129 kr

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Occasionally we write about beer and beer culture (sorry, only Swedish) on our pages "learn more". 

We write about everything from the correct glass to news in our fridges. Have a look and see if anything interests you!